Workshop 2:
Plant tours to TRUMPF and RITTER SPORT

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
08:15 - 17:00

Facts and figures about the high-technology company TRUMPF

Facts and figures about the high-technology company TRUMPF

TRUMPF is a global high-technology company with about 9,900 employees and sales of 2.34 billion euros. As world technological and market leader, TRUMPF offers products and services for production technology that are used in almost every sector of industry. Machine tools for flexible sheet metal processing form the core business of TRUMPF. The product portfolio includes machines for bending, punching and forming, for laser processing and for combined punching and laser processing. Standardized system components enable the most diverse automated production solutions. In the laser technology business field, TRUMPF provides high-performance CO2 lasers, disk and fiber lasers, rod and direct diode lasers, ultrashort pulse lasers, marking lasers and marking systems. The product range also features laser systems for cutting, welding and surface processing of 3D components. The product pallet of the electronics business field includes DC, high and medium frequency generators for inductive material heating, surface coating and surface processing via plasma technology, as well as for laser excitation. In the medical technology business division, TRUMPF focuses on system solutions for operating rooms and intensive care units. The portfolio includes operating tables, operating lights, ceiling-mounted workplace solutions, camera- and assistance-systems. The family company is headquartered in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, Germany. The TRUMPF Group is represented by around 60 subsidiaries and agencies in almost all the countries of Europe, in North and South America, and in Asia. Production facilities are located in Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the USA.

Lean at TRUMPF

SYNCHRO is the Lean management system of TRUMPF based on the Japanese Kaizen concept. For 15 years TRUMPF has relied on SYNCHRO to continuously refine processes in its production and administrative areas. SYNCHRO focuses on customer demands and contains the following principles:

  • Process excellence: Synchronization of all processes by flowing, takt, pulling and zero-error
  • Management excellence: Shopfloor management using transparency and clearly defined target situations
  • Behavior excellence: Constant reduction of waste through structural solutions for problems. Today all the production facilities of TRUMPF as well as the processes and staff of indirect departments (e.g. R&D, Sales, Services ...) work with SYNCHRO and are constantly developed further.

Achieved success in production can be shown using the example of the TruLaser machine assembly. The transition from the traditional fixed station assembly to the flow-line assembly led to a significant improvement of important parameters: Inventory and the lead time were reduced by more than half, productivity per unit area and the annual quantity were more than doubled. It was largely thanks to SYNCHRO that TRUMPF won the award "Factory of the Year" twice. Likewise SYNCHRO has been implemented in administrative areas.

Facts and figures about the chocolate manufacturer RITTER SPORT

Facts and figures about the chocolate manufacturer RITTER SPORT

RITTER SPORT is a family-owned chocolate manufacturer located in Waldenbuch outside Stuttgart, Germany. Its 1.200 employees achieved a turnover of 380 million Euros in 2013. The Ritter family started producing chocolate in 1912 and up to now, Ritter Sport continues to be owned and managed by family members, namely Alfred T. Ritter and his sister Marli Hoppe-Ritter. They represent the third generation of the chocolate legacy.

What makes the brand RITTER SPORT unique can be briefly explained by its slogan ‘Quality. Chocolate. Squared.’ The quality of the square chocolate bars is not only determined by the specifically chosen ingredients from all over the world but also by the manufacturing process and the recyclable, differently colored wrappers that express the variety of the product range. RITTER SPORT’s product portfolio ranges from the most common 100 gram basic assortment with 24 different flavors over the promotion flavors in spring, summer and winter to the big chocolate square of 250 gram, the mini bars, chocolate cubes and the organic product line ‘RITTER SPORT Bio’. Being manufactured at the only production site in Waldenbuch, the chocolate is delivered to retailers in roughly 100 countries worldwide. Four sales subsidiaries are located in Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia.

RITTER SPORT's activities are highly influenced by the concept of sustainability. Within this context the company initiated a project called 'Cacaonica' already 25 years ago. Based in Nicaragua, the project helps local farmers to cultivate and to market cocoa beans in a way that natural forest resources are protected and economic advantages for the farmers can be achieved. Nicaragua is also the place where Ritter purchased 2.000 hectares of land in 2012 to start its own cultivation of cocoa based on ecological principles. Besides its environmental efforts, RITTER SPORT shows much concern for employees' needs which is demonstrated by the company's work-life-balance program. One main idea of the program is the compatibility of family and career.

Lean management at RITTER SPORT

RITTER SPORT started implementing Lean management ten years ago. In order to meet customer demands, to increase flexibility and due to its own commitment to high-level quality and freshness of the products, the production system has been gradually changed from push to a consistent pull concept. The main principles of RITTER SPORT's Lean journey include:

  • Understanding of Lean basics: elimination of waste in order to increase the proportion of added value
  • Successful implementation of Lean tools like SMED, SixSigma and monitoring of the overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Establishing thinking about continuous improvement with reference to key processes to achieve strategic goals

RITTER SPORT's key to success of Lean management is not about implementing Lean tools alone, but rather about a shared Lean philosophy and more important about employee mobilization. Through specific trainings employees are encouraged to make improvements at their own gemba with the help of trained mentors. Although the main focus of Lean management is on the areas of production and logistics along the value chain, there has been a shift to the administrative areas by means of process transparency and optimization.

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